Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Handpainted cake server and more... May's pursuit of handmade!

I have a treat for you today... Linda is the next feature in our Pursuit of Handmade, and all I can say is ... "wow!"- just look at this gorgeous cake server! she has plates, bowls and more to match! Handpainted with gorgeous pink flowers- what a perfect gift idea for May!

Here is what I dug up on Linda..."I've been painting since the beginning of time. Roses, Painting and Pink are my passions. I love Shabby,Victorian, Cottage Chic decor. There is nothing I love more than to reclaim an item and give it new life"

You can check this item out and all of her beautiful work at:


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Hope to see you soon...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Here is the next great handmade item on Pursuit of Handmade for May...

Isnt this adorable? Well, here is the story from his listing...

"DOOV is the king of the koox. He has a regal pink stare and a twitchy upper lip which he copies from his hero Elvis. His skinny spotty tale curls around him and attaches to a button at the front (to stop him tripping up!). He can wear his tail in many different ways and is very conscious of his personal sense of style.

DOOV measures approx. 22 cms tall by 17 cms wide(approx. 9" tall by 7" wide)

DOOV loves to save the environment and is made with a mix of leftover retro fabrics, buttons and felt. He loves to stuff his belly with upcycled polyfill that he gets from his friend Julian's dad.

DOOV is unique and has no pattern so he knows he will never find another Koox like him."

If you would like to see more of him, or any of his super cute friends- hop over to the Etsy shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/oblue

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Monday, May 10, 2010

May Pursuit of Handmade

"Of all my work, this has to be my favorite. It changes you when you put it on. I loved it so much, I made one for myself as well! The name "Gyonhehgoh" is a Cayuga Indian name meaning...you guessed it...What keeps us alive. I grew up around the Cayuga Indian lands and visited their longhouse when I was a little girl. I remember the old woman who showed me how she was beading a traditional Native American pouch. Maybe that's where my love of creating came from? Turquoise has always drawn me to it, and when I create a piece with it, I never know what I'll end up with. This particular turquoise was so exquisite that I had to keep it simple. The large flower is from the Karen Hill Tribes. They are truly masters of their art. The name given to the piece is my way of acknowledging that old woman who shared herself and her culture with me. The title "What keeps us alive" is how I feel about being able to create. Creating to me is like water for all of us....something we can't live without."

Here is our first entry for the May Pursuit of Handmade... And what a way to kick it all off! Gorgeous, unique, and wonderful craftsmanship.. So, without further introductions....

See this wonderful work and the inspiration behind it at:



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Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking a new turn...

Well, whew... The blog party is over- How fun was that? Did everyone grab a new idea? New craft? I have so many ideas floating around and just not the time to get to them all... In fact, I fear I will forget some of them! So, rather than overload my computer with files I may never get back to (but am too much of a hoarder to delete!) I decided to keep a notebook! So, here is my tip for everyone reading- (you probably figured this out many moons ago!)- Grab a notebook or sketchpad. When inspiration strikes, keep it there! Write it down, draw a sketch, list out some supplies, even if it is a thought that has not reached the idea point- put it on paper! When you have down time, when you are bored searching for a new means of expression- refer to your notebook!

So, with that in mind- I have decided that I want to move my blog into a new direction! In fact, time constraints force me to make some choices! So, as you may or may not know I recently started my new blog-
Mommy Tyme Gifts
- to promote and show off some of my shop items, how to's, tutorials, and really poke a punch at my Eco friendly line of gifts for the home! I really believe in these, and I want to share them- unfortunately I am not good at mass producing anything! If I make it once, I am ready to add something new the next time. That may not serve the eco line well, so I am going to have to get motivated to make several of each item and keep at it!

So, here is my idea... I have used my other blog, Mishaps of Mommy, to help others with traffic sources, ways to get customers, promoting some links and affiliate programs- unfortunately, that truly is a time sucker- so I thought I would focus on tips for selling, sharing, advice, and more at Mishaps of Mommy http://mishapsofmommy.blogspot.com I was hoping it could become a gathering place for sellers and guru's alike! I would like to use this blog as a means to focus on new items, show off others, and present great links to your shops- so this would aim to please potential customers! Than of course, Mommy Tyme gifts is about me and all the crazy I call life at http://mommytymegifts.blogspot.com

Here is the plan...

Pursuit of Handmade has been such fun for me! I want to continue. So, I thought we could show off some fun, themed products you may host and maybe link you with a customer who is searching for the same! I will post the theme here and on Mishaps- I would love it if you would write a little about yourself, your shop link, and whatever else you would like to at http://mishapsofmommy.blogspot.com Also add your item and shop link here at http://mommysreviewsyoucanuse.blogspot.com Your link will already be posted, so no worries and wondering "... Hmm... when will my turn to be featured be?" ! It will be automatic! Every few days, however, I will add the more detailed information that you gave me about yourself and your shop with an individual post to show you and your stuff off!

I will also start a publicity campaign for each pursuit participant including both facebook and twitter! Also Ning blog exposure! You have to work at this, too, though! But, the work is minimal... I have all the directions posted over at Mishaps at http://mishapsofmommy.blogspot.com But, the idea is- we all tweet and facebook each other! Simply hop around to everyone's links for that Pursuit for the month- and then Share it with the share button, or you can cut and paste their link into twitter or facebook - Add this at the end of your post "#POH" (that stands for Pursuit of Handmade. Others who are participating in Pursuit of Handmade can then do a search while on Twitter for #POH and then just retweet all the participants. So, any items that you are adding to the Pursuit of Handmade theme, share them on twitter or facebook followed by #POH and we will all retweet you! Sound like an idea? I have seen several different groups doing a similar type of Retweet and Promotion tool to help one another out! I figured we could add that to our Pursuit and really expose each other!

Dont worry- if this sounds complicated, you will get the hang of it! I promise, and comment with questions- I will be glad to help you through...


Announcing May's Pursuit of Handmade-

For some Mother's Day is a wonderful moment of sharing and appreciating your family- for other's it can be a painful, lonely day... Families are blended and full of so many different caregivers, that Mothers and Fathers day may not apply in the Hallmark meaning, but in so many other ways that are just as meaningful! So, I wanted to go beyond Mother's Day for May and find "To give someone you love..." That is pretty open, and can mean anything you want it to! So, list your item link here by commenting! Than hop over to Mishaps of Mommy at http://mishapsofmommy.blogspot.com and sign up for the Pursuit of Handmade Tweet Along- share your link again, and if you want- a story of inspiration about the item, about you, or what this theme means to you! We will show you and your fab. item off here!

Keep up with the past Pursuit of Handmade by clicking the page for Pursuit- all the previous are kept there!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reduce Footprints: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - Part 2

Reduce Footprints: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - Part 2 Here are some fab. ways to reuse things that you may never have thought of! Read the comments for even more great ideas!

The blog Party is happening Now!

Well, by this time you have all heard me talking about it somewhere or another... and it's finally here! The blog party! Hosted by Inspiration Avenue, which I am so proud to be affiliated with, and what a happening party this one is! I was so excited I got up at 6am with a quiet house so I could bounce around the blogs and see what is happening! I am so inspired and excited to get started with new ideas and techniques- I am actually glad today is a rainy, ucky, cold, day! I have an excuse to stay inside and get busy!

Well, check out my tutorial below for "Make your own Eco Friendly, Cost reducing, Laundry Detergent"- and then make sure to hit the blog party invite icon for more!

Come back next week for ideas on all natural, homemade fabric softener! Or scroll down for some simple clean green ideas for your home!

OH..... PS.... Just for fun I thought I would throw in a freebie or giveaway! Just to get the comments flowing and to hope you all come back for more! At the end of the blog party this weekend I will draw one random winner from the comments listed to receive my newest bath and body addition to the collection at Mommy Tyme Bath and Gifts! HERE IS THE CATCH- YOU HAVE TO HOP OVER TO MOMMY TYME GIFTS TO ENTER! THE DETAILS ARE ALL THERE, VERY EASY ENTRY! JUST COMMENT, THATS IT! I WANT TO KEEP ALL THE ENTRIES IN ONE CENTRAL LOCATION- SO VISIT http://mommytymegifts.blogspot.com to enter and share! Good luck!

Mommy Tyme will be sending one lucky winner a Green Tea Sea Salt Scrub Bar- this is an extra hard, extra long lasting, low lather bar made with aloe oil, aloe gel, mineral sea salts, coconut oil, jojoba oil, glycerin, avocado and cucumber base and more... Skin loving ingredients!

How do you pick this new item up? Simple! Add one comment for each of the following you do:

1. Comment on the blog party? Are you having fun? What have you learned? Would you like to do this again? Favorite blogger? etc.
2. Follow this blog
3. Share a tip for party goers- if you have one (it can be an additional idea for any of the blog party posts, an idea for my tutorial, how to get the most of a blog party, how to print tutorials, etc.) Anything you can think of...
4. Follow my facebook fan page (at the side bars of the blog)
5. Follow my twitter (side bar of the blog)
6. Invite your friends, post on your blog, etc. about the blog party (leave a URL or number of friends you invited!)

Remember, you have to post your comment on the Mommy Tyme Gifts blog at http://mommytymegifts.blogspot.com

*You do not have to do all of the above, just whatever of those you choose, but each thing you do or complete leave a separate comment and it grabs you an extra chance to win...

Have fun, Party Hard!

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