Sunday, October 17, 2010

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So, as I seem to do every morning, I was browsing around some of my favorite sites and blogs and thought

Collection of my favorite findings from the blogs, the sites, and more....

Mixed Media Mosaic Wreath- 15" - Cloth Paper Scissors

Some frightful mixed media artwork that is just hypnotized you.... Brilliant works from a menagerie of artists


An incredibly delightful shadowbox theme that brings out the kid in all of us-

And last but certainly not least....

In the pattern arena is this very unique and so fun shawl, caplet, cowl- whatever you want it to be piece! Again, the genius behind this is that it can be made with your own unique taste and style by changing out the colors and fibers- and it is Eco friendly because you are using up all those scraps and ends that normally you would just throw out! Is this the most fun fashion statement you have seen in a while? Well, I have a new pattern creator to add to my Favorite's list! Janice Rosema! Wonderful.

Wild Thing freeform capelet pattern PDF by janicerosema on Etsy

As I was preparing this list, I thought... Hmmm.... I am always coming across some fascinating ideas that I bet others would love to know, but unfortunately, I can not spend every waking hour sharing these insightful ideas!  Thus, the cloud formed above my head and the lightbulb turned on!  What if I just added the snippet function from the blog gadget to my blog list?  And it worked!  The latest post from all my favorite blogs popped up allowing anyone visiting my blog to get a small "taste" of what is happening everywhere else (really this is not my idea, in fact it is how I find some of the coolest tutorials tucked far away on a blog I probably would have never found on my own..) So, if you would like to get a little free publicity for your blog- just comment with your url and I will add it to my favorites and then your icon and your last post title with a few words will be listed for others to check out!  So make ATTENTION Grabbing headlines!

Now, idea 2!  A flash of lightning struck!  A few weeks ago I had set up a page of feeds, links and buttons/badges from some of my favorite sites on my website.  I had this extra page that I needed to fill as I was revamping the whole site (which I am still in the midst of,.) but I did not want people to get bored and just breeze through the site- this would give them a place to park and browse for a moment, and hopefully come back.  Well, it seems that a lot of people are visiting that page (likely the high rate of keywords from the various feeds!)- so, if you would like to be added to that, increase your traffic a little, and be able to get your name to people you may not have had the opportunity to contact otherwise.... Simply comment and leave the url to your blog- Now before I get overwhelmed with "how do I do that?" just go to your blog settings and make sure you have set the setting for syndication or blog feed to YES- this allows people to subscribe to your blog and add it to their roll, or their feeds.  Next - make sure you have the gadget added (under design or page layout) that is titled Subscribers or Feeds- this allows others to subscribe to your blog on a daily basis. -   PLEASE add in your comment here that you give me permission to post your feed or add your blog to my favorites!  This just ensures there are no copyright issues - EVER!

Now, the one and only catch is.... I ask that you either grab my button and post it on your blog- or you add me to your list of favorite blogs!  That is it- That is all! 

Ooooooppppssss...... I almost forgot.... if you have an idea, hot spot, or found something just totally awesome out there in the world of the handcrafted Artist- and you really think the world should know- Give me a comment with a link/url or something so I can track it down and show it off!  I know there are hidden corners and caves in the world wide web that I have yet to explore, so if you can help me out, FANTASTIC!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Coming Together for Lori

This blog post is a little atypical of what I typically do around here, but this story has touched me tremendously and I just really feel that it needs to be shared!

Well, recently I was asked by a co-worker if I would be willing to donate some of my shop items for a benefit auction the community of Monticello was hosting.  I said sure, and didn't think much more of it.  I really can't remember if I even asked what the auction was for.  I was just looking for a marketing opportunity, and I work in Monticello so I thought it would be a good move for my biz.   As the week progressed I kept hearing the staff at the facility talking about a local woman named Lori.  Again at the County Market I overheard a few people in the aisle asking how Lori was?  How is the family?  Then at the Casey's, again Lori came up.   Hmmmm....  I began to wonder who this Lori was?  So, while a few of the staff were on a break outside I asked- and they told me about their neighbor and friend, Lori , who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I thought this must be who the benefit was for, and I was right.  But, it did not stop there- literally every staff at the facility knew her, because I kept hearing her name come up throughout the next few days.  Because she is such an important person to people in Monticello I wanted to make sure I donated the right "type" of items so I made a point to find out more about her.  Even though I personally do not Lori,  after the past week, I really feel like I do.

I have heard amazing stories and descriptions- Lori is the "social butterfly" that everyone in town knows- she is that woman who makes a friend out of everyone she meets.  Lori is a mother and a wife to a family that adores her because of her consistent devotion to the people she holds close.  Lori is a smiling fixture in Monticello that goes out of her way to say not just "hi', but "how are you doing?" to everyone on the street.  Lori is someone that Monticello obviously treasures and has come together as a community to fight for.  Lori is the type of person I think we probably all strive to be, and would be blessed to know.  Apparently the community of Monticello thinks so, too!  They have held a bake sale which raised about 600.00, and then there is the benefit 10/9!  Besides that, people in the community are pulling together to help with transportation for Lori and her family, taking meals over, helping keep her house together and raising money!  I heard one person say that they were looking at trying a new research medication with Lori, but each pill was over 200.00! 

So, after coming to know about Lori I just wanted to share her story with you- I think it's a story that deserves to be told, and if you think you can help, click on the link to the web site that is promoting the benefit and is attempting to raise funds below-

Lori was a healthy mom who kept herself busy with family and friends.  She was a smiling face you would see all over town.  That all changed quickly- too quickly, and without warning for those who love her.  Lori was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with the disease found in her breat plate, ribcage and ovaries.   The focus of her treatment is to slow the main tumor, which left chemotherapy as the course of action.  After the chemotherapy the treatment plan includes a double masectomy and hysterectomy followed by about 10 months of chemotherapy.  I nabbed a quote from one of her friends from the website set up to keep people updated with her progress-

"Lori  has her ups and downs but in general, she is staying positive, hasn't  lost her sense of humor and/or that beautiful smile...tried to take a  picture of her yesterday but she wouldn't let me!"

I think for those who know her, that says it all... I just wanted to share this with everyone, and give you the link to her site-  you can donate there to help the costs of keeping the site- or there is an account set up in Monticello at First Mid under the name Lori Blacker Levitt

and if you need more info on that you can contact her friend at

Another way you can help is to purchase one of these awesome shirts that have been put together to raise money!  Isn't it sad that medical care is so outrageous that it is unattainable without massive donations?  I personally think it is a crime (but that is for another of my famous soapboxes!)  Anyway, on to these cool shirts!  Now if you think these are as fun as I do, and you want to help out- again, go to and you can click the Guestbook tab and leave a message or you can contact Kim Wileaver at :!/profile.php?id=1455560899 

These say Team Lori on the front and Save the Ta Ta's on the back!  Perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness month-

PS- Take a minute to pray for Lori and her family today!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Talent is the Flame, Genius is the Fire - Post your Work !

Well, for the past few weeks I have been showing off a variety of shops and handmade works here at the that fit the theme "Talent is the Flame, Genius is the Fire".   I found that saying one day while looking for a quote for a card I was making- and I just fell in love with it.  It is inspiring, and comforting (I think!).  My take on it is that talent sparks the fire that is your genius.  Your genius can emerge in many manners, including your form of art.  But, this not only applies to art, but to everything in your life- the talent sparks it, but your pursuit and your mastery of the skill is the fire of genius.  I think this can be related to academics, physical endeavors, sports, relationships, etc.  We all posess some spark of talent for each area of our lives, but the diligent pursuit of this talent and skill is what feeds the fire. So, if you have not checked out any of the cool shops or items I have been hosting, browse through the archive or recent posts and see these delectable pieces from Etsy and Winkelf!

Now I want to show off the piece I was trying to create that became the motivation for my pursuit of "Genius is Fire"- Iam not saying this is genius, but it is my own pattern that I have been working on for a while, and after many many attempts I think I have it nailed.  With that, I went for colors of fire and flame- bold yellows, oranges, burnt colors, and then some bright sunny orange and yellows to filter the darkness and make it "pop".  So I am calling this my Fire Scarf.  The pattern is actually really easy with some basic crochet skills and I am now attempting to master the conversion of a word document to a PDF so I can share it!  So, if you are interested in nabbing the pattern, stop back by and I will let you know when it is posted!  In the meantime, thoughts on this scarf?  Do you have any recent works that fit the theme "Talent is the Flame, Genius is the Fire"?  If so, list them!  I am looking for all Genius works here!  Once you post, I will show you off here and my other blog and website! So- just send me the URL of your HOT Item!


You can find this at

Post the URL to your favorite Genius project in the comments section of this post then look for it at an upcoming post here, and at http://mommysreviewsyoucanuse.blogspot,com

Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Creative and Crafty Blog

I wanted to share another of the fascinating blogs that participated in the blog hop here a few weeks back!  Wow, I am so glad I did that- I have found some fascinating resources!  Anyway, this one is Natural Wonders (see it in the list?)  Well, she shares in depth, truly researched information about essential oils and other herbal products.  Now, if you are familiar with me and my work- you know that I am a true believer in the natural and holistic approach to life.  I wish I could rid everyone's homes of those nasty chemicals and synthetic products that are applied to skin on a regular basis.  My personal experience with essential oils was life changing, and it had a significant effect on my family when I switched many of my cleaning products to homemade, natural recipes with essential oils.  I also create soaps, body care, shampoo's and more - all with essential oils.    These can have tremendous benefits for your overall health, beauty, and mood.  So, when I ran across Natural Wonders- it was instant  JOY!  she does a wonderful job of explaining the positive effets and outcomes of using various essential oils- AND she has some super creative ideas for how to incorporate them into your life- like hanging a ribbon with a douse of bergamot outside your window or on your balcony to keep away bugs and mosquitos (did not know that!) or add it to a cold compress for motion sickness, nauseau! Wow- I could have used that on a deep sea fishing trip a while back!  ugh! 

Oh,  another fascinating part of her blog is Featured Artist Tuesday!  I love to see other's works!  It is always inspiring, isn't it?  And I am just amazed at the unique interpretations different people have when it comes to jewelry methods!  So, take a minute to peek at that!

So, I am thrilled Natural Wonders hopped into our Creative and Crafty blog hop and if you want to see more of her ....

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