Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking a new turn...

Well, whew... The blog party is over- How fun was that? Did everyone grab a new idea? New craft? I have so many ideas floating around and just not the time to get to them all... In fact, I fear I will forget some of them! So, rather than overload my computer with files I may never get back to (but am too much of a hoarder to delete!) I decided to keep a notebook! So, here is my tip for everyone reading- (you probably figured this out many moons ago!)- Grab a notebook or sketchpad. When inspiration strikes, keep it there! Write it down, draw a sketch, list out some supplies, even if it is a thought that has not reached the idea point- put it on paper! When you have down time, when you are bored searching for a new means of expression- refer to your notebook!

So, with that in mind- I have decided that I want to move my blog into a new direction! In fact, time constraints force me to make some choices! So, as you may or may not know I recently started my new blog-
Mommy Tyme Gifts
- to promote and show off some of my shop items, how to's, tutorials, and really poke a punch at my Eco friendly line of gifts for the home! I really believe in these, and I want to share them- unfortunately I am not good at mass producing anything! If I make it once, I am ready to add something new the next time. That may not serve the eco line well, so I am going to have to get motivated to make several of each item and keep at it!

So, here is my idea... I have used my other blog, Mishaps of Mommy, to help others with traffic sources, ways to get customers, promoting some links and affiliate programs- unfortunately, that truly is a time sucker- so I thought I would focus on tips for selling, sharing, advice, and more at Mishaps of Mommy I was hoping it could become a gathering place for sellers and guru's alike! I would like to use this blog as a means to focus on new items, show off others, and present great links to your shops- so this would aim to please potential customers! Than of course, Mommy Tyme gifts is about me and all the crazy I call life at

Here is the plan...

Pursuit of Handmade has been such fun for me! I want to continue. So, I thought we could show off some fun, themed products you may host and maybe link you with a customer who is searching for the same! I will post the theme here and on Mishaps- I would love it if you would write a little about yourself, your shop link, and whatever else you would like to at Also add your item and shop link here at Your link will already be posted, so no worries and wondering "... Hmm... when will my turn to be featured be?" ! It will be automatic! Every few days, however, I will add the more detailed information that you gave me about yourself and your shop with an individual post to show you and your stuff off!

I will also start a publicity campaign for each pursuit participant including both facebook and twitter! Also Ning blog exposure! You have to work at this, too, though! But, the work is minimal... I have all the directions posted over at Mishaps at But, the idea is- we all tweet and facebook each other! Simply hop around to everyone's links for that Pursuit for the month- and then Share it with the share button, or you can cut and paste their link into twitter or facebook - Add this at the end of your post "#POH" (that stands for Pursuit of Handmade. Others who are participating in Pursuit of Handmade can then do a search while on Twitter for #POH and then just retweet all the participants. So, any items that you are adding to the Pursuit of Handmade theme, share them on twitter or facebook followed by #POH and we will all retweet you! Sound like an idea? I have seen several different groups doing a similar type of Retweet and Promotion tool to help one another out! I figured we could add that to our Pursuit and really expose each other!

Dont worry- if this sounds complicated, you will get the hang of it! I promise, and comment with questions- I will be glad to help you through...


Announcing May's Pursuit of Handmade-

For some Mother's Day is a wonderful moment of sharing and appreciating your family- for other's it can be a painful, lonely day... Families are blended and full of so many different caregivers, that Mothers and Fathers day may not apply in the Hallmark meaning, but in so many other ways that are just as meaningful! So, I wanted to go beyond Mother's Day for May and find "To give someone you love..." That is pretty open, and can mean anything you want it to! So, list your item link here by commenting! Than hop over to Mishaps of Mommy at and sign up for the Pursuit of Handmade Tweet Along- share your link again, and if you want- a story of inspiration about the item, about you, or what this theme means to you! We will show you and your fab. item off here!

Keep up with the past Pursuit of Handmade by clicking the page for Pursuit- all the previous are kept there!

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