Friday, October 8, 2010

Coming Together for Lori

This blog post is a little atypical of what I typically do around here, but this story has touched me tremendously and I just really feel that it needs to be shared!

Well, recently I was asked by a co-worker if I would be willing to donate some of my shop items for a benefit auction the community of Monticello was hosting.  I said sure, and didn't think much more of it.  I really can't remember if I even asked what the auction was for.  I was just looking for a marketing opportunity, and I work in Monticello so I thought it would be a good move for my biz.   As the week progressed I kept hearing the staff at the facility talking about a local woman named Lori.  Again at the County Market I overheard a few people in the aisle asking how Lori was?  How is the family?  Then at the Casey's, again Lori came up.   Hmmmm....  I began to wonder who this Lori was?  So, while a few of the staff were on a break outside I asked- and they told me about their neighbor and friend, Lori , who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I thought this must be who the benefit was for, and I was right.  But, it did not stop there- literally every staff at the facility knew her, because I kept hearing her name come up throughout the next few days.  Because she is such an important person to people in Monticello I wanted to make sure I donated the right "type" of items so I made a point to find out more about her.  Even though I personally do not Lori,  after the past week, I really feel like I do.

I have heard amazing stories and descriptions- Lori is the "social butterfly" that everyone in town knows- she is that woman who makes a friend out of everyone she meets.  Lori is a mother and a wife to a family that adores her because of her consistent devotion to the people she holds close.  Lori is a smiling fixture in Monticello that goes out of her way to say not just "hi', but "how are you doing?" to everyone on the street.  Lori is someone that Monticello obviously treasures and has come together as a community to fight for.  Lori is the type of person I think we probably all strive to be, and would be blessed to know.  Apparently the community of Monticello thinks so, too!  They have held a bake sale which raised about 600.00, and then there is the benefit 10/9!  Besides that, people in the community are pulling together to help with transportation for Lori and her family, taking meals over, helping keep her house together and raising money!  I heard one person say that they were looking at trying a new research medication with Lori, but each pill was over 200.00! 

So, after coming to know about Lori I just wanted to share her story with you- I think it's a story that deserves to be told, and if you think you can help, click on the link to the web site that is promoting the benefit and is attempting to raise funds below-

Lori was a healthy mom who kept herself busy with family and friends.  She was a smiling face you would see all over town.  That all changed quickly- too quickly, and without warning for those who love her.  Lori was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with the disease found in her breat plate, ribcage and ovaries.   The focus of her treatment is to slow the main tumor, which left chemotherapy as the course of action.  After the chemotherapy the treatment plan includes a double masectomy and hysterectomy followed by about 10 months of chemotherapy.  I nabbed a quote from one of her friends from the website set up to keep people updated with her progress-

"Lori  has her ups and downs but in general, she is staying positive, hasn't  lost her sense of humor and/or that beautiful smile...tried to take a  picture of her yesterday but she wouldn't let me!"

I think for those who know her, that says it all... I just wanted to share this with everyone, and give you the link to her site-  you can donate there to help the costs of keeping the site- or there is an account set up in Monticello at First Mid under the name Lori Blacker Levitt

and if you need more info on that you can contact her friend at

Another way you can help is to purchase one of these awesome shirts that have been put together to raise money!  Isn't it sad that medical care is so outrageous that it is unattainable without massive donations?  I personally think it is a crime (but that is for another of my famous soapboxes!)  Anyway, on to these cool shirts!  Now if you think these are as fun as I do, and you want to help out- again, go to and you can click the Guestbook tab and leave a message or you can contact Kim Wileaver at :!/profile.php?id=1455560899 

These say Team Lori on the front and Save the Ta Ta's on the back!  Perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness month-

PS- Take a minute to pray for Lori and her family today!

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