Sunday, October 17, 2010

See some fun fall inspiration! Get more bang for your blog by feeding your feeds to Mommy Tyme!

So, as I seem to do every morning, I was browsing around some of my favorite sites and blogs and thought

Collection of my favorite findings from the blogs, the sites, and more....

Mixed Media Mosaic Wreath- 15" - Cloth Paper Scissors

Some frightful mixed media artwork that is just hypnotized you.... Brilliant works from a menagerie of artists


An incredibly delightful shadowbox theme that brings out the kid in all of us-

And last but certainly not least....

In the pattern arena is this very unique and so fun shawl, caplet, cowl- whatever you want it to be piece! Again, the genius behind this is that it can be made with your own unique taste and style by changing out the colors and fibers- and it is Eco friendly because you are using up all those scraps and ends that normally you would just throw out! Is this the most fun fashion statement you have seen in a while? Well, I have a new pattern creator to add to my Favorite's list! Janice Rosema! Wonderful.

Wild Thing freeform capelet pattern PDF by janicerosema on Etsy

As I was preparing this list, I thought... Hmmm.... I am always coming across some fascinating ideas that I bet others would love to know, but unfortunately, I can not spend every waking hour sharing these insightful ideas!  Thus, the cloud formed above my head and the lightbulb turned on!  What if I just added the snippet function from the blog gadget to my blog list?  And it worked!  The latest post from all my favorite blogs popped up allowing anyone visiting my blog to get a small "taste" of what is happening everywhere else (really this is not my idea, in fact it is how I find some of the coolest tutorials tucked far away on a blog I probably would have never found on my own..) So, if you would like to get a little free publicity for your blog- just comment with your url and I will add it to my favorites and then your icon and your last post title with a few words will be listed for others to check out!  So make ATTENTION Grabbing headlines!

Now, idea 2!  A flash of lightning struck!  A few weeks ago I had set up a page of feeds, links and buttons/badges from some of my favorite sites on my website.  I had this extra page that I needed to fill as I was revamping the whole site (which I am still in the midst of,.) but I did not want people to get bored and just breeze through the site- this would give them a place to park and browse for a moment, and hopefully come back.  Well, it seems that a lot of people are visiting that page (likely the high rate of keywords from the various feeds!)- so, if you would like to be added to that, increase your traffic a little, and be able to get your name to people you may not have had the opportunity to contact otherwise.... Simply comment and leave the url to your blog- Now before I get overwhelmed with "how do I do that?" just go to your blog settings and make sure you have set the setting for syndication or blog feed to YES- this allows people to subscribe to your blog and add it to their roll, or their feeds.  Next - make sure you have the gadget added (under design or page layout) that is titled Subscribers or Feeds- this allows others to subscribe to your blog on a daily basis. -   PLEASE add in your comment here that you give me permission to post your feed or add your blog to my favorites!  This just ensures there are no copyright issues - EVER!

Now, the one and only catch is.... I ask that you either grab my button and post it on your blog- or you add me to your list of favorite blogs!  That is it- That is all! 

Ooooooppppssss...... I almost forgot.... if you have an idea, hot spot, or found something just totally awesome out there in the world of the handcrafted Artist- and you really think the world should know- Give me a comment with a link/url or something so I can track it down and show it off!  I know there are hidden corners and caves in the world wide web that I have yet to explore, so if you can help me out, FANTASTIC!



Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

You can certainly add my blog to your feed... Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog! Glad you liked my art. Here's my URL:

Mommy Tyme said...

Thanks jennifer! i do adore your blog- very inspiring! i will add you to my site, I think lots of people would enjoy viewing your blog...

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