Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Creative and Crafty Blog

I wanted to share another of the fascinating blogs that participated in the blog hop here a few weeks back!  Wow, I am so glad I did that- I have found some fascinating resources!  Anyway, this one is Natural Wonders (see it in the list?)  Well, she shares in depth, truly researched information about essential oils and other herbal products.  Now, if you are familiar with me and my work- you know that I am a true believer in the natural and holistic approach to life.  I wish I could rid everyone's homes of those nasty chemicals and synthetic products that are applied to skin on a regular basis.  My personal experience with essential oils was life changing, and it had a significant effect on my family when I switched many of my cleaning products to homemade, natural recipes with essential oils.  I also create soaps, body care, shampoo's and more - all with essential oils.    These can have tremendous benefits for your overall health, beauty, and mood.  So, when I ran across Natural Wonders- it was instant  JOY!  she does a wonderful job of explaining the positive effets and outcomes of using various essential oils- AND she has some super creative ideas for how to incorporate them into your life- like hanging a ribbon with a douse of bergamot outside your window or on your balcony to keep away bugs and mosquitos (did not know that!) or add it to a cold compress for motion sickness, nauseau! Wow- I could have used that on a deep sea fishing trip a while back!  ugh! 

Oh,  another fascinating part of her blog is Featured Artist Tuesday!  I love to see other's works!  It is always inspiring, isn't it?  And I am just amazed at the unique interpretations different people have when it comes to jewelry methods!  So, take a minute to peek at that!

So, I am thrilled Natural Wonders hopped into our Creative and Crafty blog hop and if you want to see more of her ....

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