Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Featured! Find More resources for the Perfect Handmade Holiday....

Wow! I am really honored this month to be featured in the Artisan Jewelry Designers Blog... Sharon Hightower did a fantastic job! Thanks so much for this opportunity! Please take a moment to check it out...

This is a great resource for some fantastic handmade, artisan, crafted items for our pursuit to the perfect handmade holidays! I found some fabulous artwork there by Art1st and gorgeous jewelry by TRusk4U! But there are so many artisans located not only on the blog, but link up to the Ning Network, Artisan Jewelry Designers and scour the pages! You will be absolutely amazed!

While you are looking for new designers, take a moment to check out On Fire for Handmade! Another fantastic Ning that has so many great artisans in a variety of modalities. For a quick view, jump to the latest Greatest Finds Contest hosted by On Fire for Handmade! As always, you can find a Mommy Tyme entry and I would not be one bit offended if you voted for me! This week's theme is paint the town Red!

Finally, I wanted to share the latest additions with you to my Etsy shop!

You can find both of these new additions at

Remember, if you have a handmade or artisan outlet, shop, or site... Post it here and share your handmade with everyone... If you know of a great spot to find the perfect gifts for our Pursuit of the Perfect Handmade Holiday, share it here!

PS.  Don't forget to check out the latest at the Fuzz B!  Sell for free!  Tons of tools and resources, plus all the great marketplaces to choose from!

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