Sunday, November 15, 2009

Staying Handmade through the holidays...

Still in the Pursuit of the Perfect Handmade Holidays... Besides purchasing handmade, crafted, or artisan gifts, there are some fun traditions you can add to your family staying in the handmade theme...

How about making your own Cards this year? I found some great handmade card patterns and instructions that are so cute and easy, everyone can help!

check this link out:

Here is another super cute card that really emits the warm family holiday you are trying to portray by going handmade... Easy, and the kids can help!

These are just a few ideas! If you can't make it yourself, there are tons of handmade cards created by artisans on Etsy, Winkelf, and fuzz B you may want to check out!

Any artisans out there who make cards? Here is the chance to promote yourself! leave your link and shop URL! Share your information with everyone who is trying to follow the Handmade theme this season....

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