Thursday, November 19, 2009

HandmadHolidays Series... Find a great buy at Zibbet...

With the holidays coming, we are all looking to save a buck, right? well, check out this link for coupons on your favorite brands!

Now, in the spirit of my series on the Handmade Holiday... I have found a fantastic new marketplace for handmade, artisan, and handcrafted items! I think it is so cool, I opened my own shop! Zibbet!

Here is the link to Mommy Tyme on Zibbet, but keep in mind, I just stumbled upon it today and started adding items. I hope that by the end of the week I will have more than a mere few shop wares and really have my storefront popping! Check out the link below....

Are you an artisan? Crafter? Have you tried Zibbet? Super easy to list, free, Need I say more?

If you have a Zibbet shop- feel free to comment here and list your URL... I am trying to compile a list of Zibbet shops for our readers of the Handmade Holidays Series....

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