Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crafty Blog Hop! Join Here! Add your link to the left!

Ok, so you know how you hit Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby for the big deals and sales? But, when it comes to inspiration and the unique you opt for those "off the beaten path", individual artist owned shops that are tucked away behind the bars and restaurants of the town square? Well, that is what I am currently searching for on the web... Those individual, eccentric, delightfully quaint blogs and sites that make you think..."Wow! That is amazing!" or "I have got to try that- how cool!". Unfortunately, those blog writers probably do not have the top rankings on the search engines, so they get missed.

I personally spend a few hours a week just scouring the sites that I know have interesting projects and galleries, like Beadwrangler, Fire Mountain Gems, Crochet Me- But, I really want some new links to add to my bookmarks for those periods when you have 'creative block'. Sometimes a look at something fresh or original is all you need to spark your own juices! Plus, I am always in awe of other's passion and innovation when creating! Recently I ran across this fascinating collage on Cloth, Paper, Scissors- and Boom! I have become an avid mixed media fan! That is the way it works for a lot of us-

With this in mind, I thought it might be a great idea to do a "blog hop" so artists, bloggers, writers, etc. could list their URL and share with others who are desperately seeking a new perspective! The Blog Hop will officially open TODAY! (I know, short notice, right?) But, it is so simple, you really don't have to prepare. Just add your link to the hop. Once you do that, grab the code and add the hop to your blog, site, whatever! Readers can then hop from one to the next- But, this hop will only be open for 2 weeks-so if you find a site you just LOVE, make sure to bookmark it!

The Blog Hop will "officially" start here- but I have it added to my other blog, Mommy Tyme Gifts, at (so you can sign up from there) and on my site at (look for it under the tutorials tab). Not only will you get a list of some fun, artsy crafty blogs and sites to check out, but adding your blog/site will increase your traffic and exposure! IT really is a WIN-WIN situation and takes just a few minutes to add to! The one and only rule is that the blog/site you add MUST BE ABOUT HANDMADE, ART, SUPPLIES, OR THE ARTIST BEHIND THE WORK! PLEASE DON'T ADD YOUR SHOP'S (LIKE YOUR ETSY SHOP, WINKELF, ETC) UNLESS, OF COURSE, YOU ALSO SELL ON YOUR SITE/BLOG (in which case it is ok!)

So, lets get started! Have fun! If you find a super blog that you just have to talk about, please come back here and dish! I don't want to miss anything!

Remember to add the code to your site, too!

Let's get hopping! Just add your blog/site/url to the Blog Hop at the RIGHT (next to this post)!


Plumrose Lane said...

Oooh, a double posting, you're too kind! Thanks for entering the giveaway twice! ;D

Small Footprints said...

What fun! I'm off to spread the word and I'll be back to visit new blogs and perhaps become inspired!

Have a great day!

Art Ist said...

I'm in! Thanks!

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