Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Share the Love... It's my turn!

As you may know, we do a fun blog shout out called Share the Love at On Fire for Handmade! Each week a member is showcased and we all post their information! This week was Mommy Tyme and Anne from OFH created this fantastic collage of my products! Isnt this fun? If you would like to join I have posted the link information for On Fire For Handmade! Anne Rocks!

This weeks Featured Artisan is Valerie of Mommy Tyme. Valerie has a wonderful collection of handmade creations! From Bath and Body, Scarves and Jewelry, Mommy Tyme has something for everyone!
You can find Mommy Tyme @:

Shop URL
2nd Shop URL
3rd Shop URL
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To join On Fire for Handmade:

Visit On Fire for Handmade

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