Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Party?

Ok, I just hit upon a really fun party - blog party- can you believe it? I had no idea what this was or how it worked, but I read on Inspiration Avenue about an upcoming blog party that our team is hosting and thought "I better figure out what this is exactly...". So, I hopped over to the Mom Blogger Party- Wow! It was really cool! Of course, I was a day late, as always... but there are still a ton of really cool blogs posted, interesting ideas and much more! Take a minute to check it out and see what you think... Did you attend? If so, dish!

This will give you an idea of HOW a blog party is hosted- doesn't it sound fun? Anyway, point being, Inspiration Avenue will be hosting one the beginning of May! Keep stopping by and I will give you all the details! For now, see the blog party I just visited at:

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

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Shelinwa said...

Hey there
Is fun huh. VERY bit way bigger than ours will be but is fun and have laredy made some new frinds here at the party. I had no idea how they worked really and now it is clear.

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