Monday, April 12, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day with Mommy Tyme Gifts

In support of Earth Day- Mommy Tyme Gifts is coming out with some new Eco Friendly products! During the next few weeks, Mommy Tyme will be introducing several items in the "Mommy Tyme for Tomorrow" line.

Recognize that we only have one planet to live and share, thus we all have to do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle. If you are like me, you have probably heard it over and over again- the controversy with global warming, the dangers to the ozone layer, the declining water supply, pollution, the importance of recycling- but what do you really do? I have thought in the past, "does my recycling of a few water bottles really change anything?" - Yes! It does! Everything matters. Every action you do today will impact tomorrow.

You don't have to change everything overnight, and most of the changes you make will save money, be better for you and your family, while still promoting a better planet for our children. Start small- make sure all of the lights are turned off and everything is unplugged before you leave the house. Don't turn the air conditioning on until it is sweltering hot. Support company's and buy products that are made with environmentally safe procedures or that use recycled materials in their packaging.

I remember how careless I used to be with energy, fuel, and waste... I think it all changed for me (gradually...) when my son came into my life. I want him to have a green, clean, healthy environment- so, I have to change today for a better tomorrow. You can make it fun, too! My son is our "Patrol" and he goes around the house a few times a day checking that everything is unplugged, that lights are off, TVs are not on in two rooms, our cell phone chargers are not still plugged in with the phone no longer attached, etc. When he finds something, he "tells a ticket", meaning he finds one of us and "tells us to unplug it". He is learning responsibility, environmentally appropriate behavior, and his game serves a useful purpose. We also take "treasure walks" with a bag in hand, and pick up all the garbage we find along the way. The challenge is to see who can fill their bag the fastest! He has become very conscious of litter and waste, which is important for all of us. Start these lessons now and your child will have more respect for their world as they grow...

With all of this in mind, I decided to take some time and evaluate my ingredients, procedures, and purposes of some of my products. I have revamped and create some new items I am excited to show off in the next few weeks- I have been working on these for a while and have a ton of ideas for more... but, I wanted to have a few items to introduce along with Earth Day. I have also created a new blog that will focus on How To's, ideas, products and ways that we can continue to focus on tomorrow by our actions today- I hope you will stop by and offer a comment or thought at To really kick off the new blog, I will be offering some freebies, prizes, and give aways! Make sure to follow the blog, comment with your contact info. and enter, enter, enter....

From now until Earth Day I will continue to present new items, articles and ideas for a better planet! If you have a blog, idea, or product that you think is eco friendly, feel free to post the link and comment here! I will be thrilled to show you off and get it the realization it deserves! So stay tuned, check back often, and keep thinking "GREEN"!

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