Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog Party coming soon....

I am so excited to share a fun Blog Party with you that will be happening May 1-2! It is going to be a blast! Filled with great tutorials and lessons, blog hopping from one great spot to another- sharing and learning- Wow! I am so anxious! As a member of Inspiration Avenue I will be posting my own tutorial here and at Mommy's Reviews to share with the Blog Party attendees! With the Green theme I have been trying to promote, I think I will give a tutorial on how to make some natural products that you can use to replace things already used in your home... Fabric softener? cleaning products? Health and beauty? Well, I have not quite decided.. But, stop by the weekend of May 1-2 to see what is up! If you have a suggestion or idea of what you would really like to see, let me know!

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luthien said...

hi valerie :)
saw the message you left in the backroom :) i'm so glad you like the pendant!! i actually sent you an email about it and some other stuff ... i wonder if you received it ... your email address is still the same one on the IA backroom right?

luthien :)

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