Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy Tyme is opening a new shop! That's right! I am going to give a new marketplace a go and see if the benefits outweight the participation cost! So, here is the new URL, although I just started loading items, I hope you take a moment to check it out! It seems that this is a supportive community with quite a few SEO and marketing perks! For only 5.00 your items are listed, you receive a home page (shop page), and participate in the community forum and blogs! So, check it out!

Any words of advice for this new shop? I am also looking at making my Mommy Tyme website a shop direct site- Currently orders are emailed direct to me and I send a paypal invoice, but that may make new customers uncomfortable? I am not sure, so I thought about making it direct route to pay pal, credit cards, etc. Any advice?

Oh, finally, stop by the new blog for the blog party this weekend! It is going to be a blast, with great tutorials, advice, links and more...

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