Monday, March 15, 2010

Purses On Parade...

Purses on Parade.... If you have missed any of the purses thus far, click on the features tab to the left! I have them running there, along with the Share the Love Features!

Here is the second installment of Purses on Parade... I am so excited to show off these great bags by By Your Side! I bet I spent 40 minutes this morning looking at each and every bag! Very trendy, very cool style! I adore them..

By Your Side at

Here are a few of my picks, but you can check her Etsy shop out, then come back and tell us which is your fav....

This one is called the Katie Rainbow Bag! Isn't it perfect for spring? That quick bag you want to shove your phone, a lipstick, your wallet and keys in? I think it is just perfect!

Totally cool travel bag, right? I think this is perfect for the must have's on your next trip! Keep them all tucked right in here. Adorable and she has a ton of fabric choices for this one!

This one is my very very very favorite! I love it so much. I have debated all morning if I should order it or not, and why wouldn't I? Its only 12.00? Thats right, 12.00! But, I just spent way more than I should have at the Charity Auction on Inspiration Avenue, so I am kind of debating with myself... So, if you want it, you better nab it quick before I change my mind! It is absolutely perfect for any occassion, any season, any time... She has a few different colors in this one, too!

If you would like to show off your purses, purse accessories, etc feel free to comment with a link! We have at least one more week of purses on parade, then we are moving to FEET! Yes, thats right! Feet and all the cool things that you can accessorize them with...

Make sure you come back and tell us something cool you love from By Your Side! Remember, if you order, tell her Mommy Tyme sent you!

Have something you are shopping for? Something you would love to see pursued here at Mommy Tyme? Let me know, we will throw it a line and see who bites! I was really happy with the turnout for Purses on Parade! We have several more sellers to show off, and I am thrilled with the response! so, I am always open to new ideas!

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Michele said...

Thank you SO much!! You just made my Monday morning MUCH brighter!! Just so you know, the first bag is the Itty Bitty Brittney Bag though - not that it really matters, I am just excited for your feature!!

Thank you,

Michele said...

I posted about you on my blog!!
Thanks again!!

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