Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Do you use Squidoo? If not, you should! I just set up a lens, and have it "rolling" as they say...

Have a minute? check it out! It needs some fine tuning, I know, and I am working on it! Do you have a link, blog, list, etc. you would like to share on my Squidoo? If so, comment here- leave the link and I will add it to one of the lists, or sections on the Mommy Tyme page of Squidoo. I have a section for favorite blogs, and one for "hot stuff I found on the web" so, if you think your shop or blog fit either of those- just leave the url here and I will add it to the lens! If you have a lens, (Squidoo talk for page), then leave a comment here with that link and I will lensroll it!

Have fun! If you would like to start a free squidoo page, here is the link- (It really is easy!)

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