Monday, February 15, 2010

Pursuit of Handmade!

In light of the new format and the new additions to the blog- I thought I mine as well revamp how I have been presenting the Pursuit of Handmade series each month, too! I love to find creative and artistic crafts"people" and present their fantastic works here on my blog... I would love to continue to do this- However, recently I have had people contact me requesting I link them up with a specialized seller of this or that.. Last week I received an email from a lady asking if I could direct her to some great handmade purses? Well, I have been mulling it over and I think that it would be fun to combine the Pursuit of Handmade with a specialized topic each week- You, the handmade sellers- can post your link and a comment telling the readers What is special about your items! I will grab up the links and post as many pictures as I can!

You, the Readers and shoppers- can also post comments "looking for" specialized items or suggesting the following weeks Pursuit topic! Be specific with what you are looking for or want to check out. There is, of course, no obligation- Just because you want to see "purses" posted, does not mean you Have to Buy one! You can simply browse! We all love to show off our work-

Couple of rules, though-

If a reader posts a request to see specific items or comments on items, SELLERS CAN NOT CONTACT THE READER DIRECTLY AND ATTEMPT TO "MARKET" TO THEM. THIS CAN GET BORDERLINE "SPAMMY"- instead, if the reader likes your product, they can contact you.

Please, be respectful and thoughtful to one another in your comments! No negative comments from one seller to another- or trying to "steal" a sale. This is just for fun! It is not a selling venue- it is a linking venue!

I think those are the only rules I have right now... If you think of anything we should add, let me know. Once we have everyone's suggestions, posts, and pictures for the topic of the week- I will set up a seperate page labeled Pursuit where all the sellers/crafts"people" who are presenting can show off their items! However, post your link/url under comments here on the main page so I can locate your shops!!

So for the Remainder of February to March- Lets go with Purses, Bags, clutches and wallets!

Do you create any of these items? Do you create something that can benefit these items? Do you create the supplies used to Make these items? if so, post your comment describing why your items are special along with the URL to your shop! I will show you off for our Purses Page!
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Vicki robinson said...

I make purse pulls/ purse charms that add a little color and sparkle to your hand bag.

Michele said...

Need that perfect purse? All of my creations are handcrafted from high quality fabric and yarns, with attention to detail and functionality.

Thank you!!
~Michele of By Your Side

Deborah said...

We have really cute hand-painted tote bags in our shop. We feature our original designs of whimsical dogs.

The Crafting Nut said...

I don't really have anything to sell on my site just ideas. Feel free to look around and use my ideas,and please don't forget to give me credit if you use them.
Thanks The Crafting Nut.

Mommy Tyme said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing links... I will post some of your great items as we enter March! Everyone needs a new bag or purse for the Spring!

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