Monday, December 7, 2009

Win a Butter Bar Soap in Lavender, Honey Almond, Sweet Pea or Chocolate!

Contest!  Contest!  contest!

This one is for all My blogs and Website!  Easy to enter....

You can win one of my new butter bath bars  ... Choose from Honey almond, Sweet Pea or Lavender Butter bath bars! Here is all you have to do:

1.  Subscribe to this blog or follow this blog

2.  Comment with your email address, blog address or website address so I know how to reach you

3.  Visit my website at AND comment on something that you saw at the website that peaked your interest!  Whether it be the contest page, the business tips, the handmade sections, etc.  Just comment on any of it!

That is it!  Now, if you would like some extra entries, here is how you get them:

1.  Visit my etsy shop at and comment on any item there
2.  Visit my winkelf shop at and comment on any item there
3.  Sign the guestbook at my website
4.  Follow   my other blogs:

Make sure for each of the extra things you do, you leave a comment so I know to add that as an extra entry!

Choose between the following:



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Small Footprints said...

Wowee ... what fun! I would love to try your soaps!

Okay ... I'm an RSS subscriber (get your posts through my google reader). I'm also a follower through google friend connect. And ... I'm a "friend" in the Artisan/Jewelry Designer page (although I don't think that was one of your requirements).

My favorite section of Mommy Tyme is the Spotlight page ... I love the contests and stuff going on. That page is like walking into a fun bazaar ... all kinds of interesting and fun things going on.

Thanks for having this giveaway!

Small Footprints
reducefootprints (at) gmail (dot) com

Small Footprints said...

Visited your Etsy shop and would love the Giant Butter Bath Bar Soap in Honey Almond with skin care ingredients. Your prices are fantastic ... very affordable.


Small Footprints
reducefootprints (at) gmail (dot) com

Small Footprints said...

Okee Dokee ... I signed your guest book! :)

Small Footprints
reducefootprints (at) gmail (dot) com

Small Footprints said...

Went to Winkelf and ... the Honey Almond thick and rich body lotion
Made from organic Mango butter and skin essential oils ... well, doesn't that just sound luxurious. I also noticed that you offer a small body lotion as a stocking stuffer on your Etsy shop (whoops ... I was supposed to be commenting on things at the Winkelf. Oh well! :)

Small Footprints
reducefootprints (at) gmail (dot) com

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