Friday, December 18, 2009

After a LOT of technical difficulties, the new Mommy Tyme Web site is finally up! My site crashed 2 weeks ago (Hacker?!- what a nice present from someone I don't know just before the holidays, right?) But, it motivated me to change it up some! I would love to hear your comments, thoughts, ideas and more....

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"I really liked the theme. Mommytyme. One knows that with little ones a mother is on her feet most of the time. The theme suggest relaxation and pampering ones self. Great presentation. "

"A lot of good advice. I enjoyed reading the articles and the things to do with left overs. Good Job!"

"I Love your site! I am not a mother, but, I found it to be interesting, relative, and had great content on all of its tabs proving to be both educational and entertaining!"

"welli'm not a mommy but it was a lovely site so i thought i'd leave a comment, gr8 site design, gotta happy feel to it and the way it's set out was very good too, if i was a mommy it would certainly be good enough for me to want to sign up, well done :) xxx"

"An attractive site with images of products and other items as well as articles. Information was clear and it was easy to navigate to your Etsy shop. I liked the beautiful jewelery. Great site and shop."

"Beautiful site. I really enjoyed the bold, bright colors of the home page. The lay out is well done and well organized. My favorite is the name mommytyme. Well done!"

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Also, stay tuned this weekend! I will be announcing the last few chances to enter the great Butter bar giveaway and then it is back to our last few days of Pursuit of the Perfect Handmade Holiday! We have a few more links to explore- One is One A Day by Art 1st and Small Footprints! I cant wait to share the fantastic jewelry, and so interesting artwork! If you are looking to express yourself, these are the artisans to help you find the inner soul you want to explore... Really, I saved them for just before Xmas because I knew everyone would be scrambling for those last minute items- But, these are really items you want to spoil yourself with. I actually get lost when looking at their blog- just amazed! I really can't find the right adjective but I am so anxious to hear what you all think! So make sure you check back on Sunday! Then we have a few more great shops to explore next week! So keep checking us out here!

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Small Footprints said...

Wow ... I'm so honored that you are featuring Art's and my shop ... thank you so much! Your introduction is so sweet! :)

I love the new look of Mommy Tyme. I thought the old version was great but this one is fantastic ... it's easy to navigate and pretty. I also think that the new version makes it easier to see your wonderful art ... the Holly Crochet Wire Necklace, by the way, is just stunning! I'm sorry that hackers ruined things for you but ... there's always something good that comes out of something bad ... and the new site is very good!

Thanks again!

Small Footprints

Mommy Tyme said...

I am honored to feature your shops and blogs. I am awestruck and think you both have amazing talent! I think that it is only a matter of time before the public finds you both! Good luck and keep the Reduce Footprints Blog going. You have fantastic information that everyone should take a moment to read and ACT on.

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