Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pursuit of the Perfect Handmade Christmas...

I have woefully been lax on my blog here! So, this morning I am devoting more time to getting back to my roots and less time Playing on the social network sites! with the holidays coming I want to share as many great opportunities there are with you as I can... I really encourage you to consider buying handmade or artisan crafted items for the holidays. Why? Well, you know you are giving a one of a kind, unique item to someone. You are also supporting a struggling artisan out there! When we think of artist we have a vision of a twenty something eccentric woman with a beret on her head, glass of wine in hand, diligently facing her canvas with a paintbrush held between her teeth lost in thought... Well, the reality is- art comes in many forms and there are so many new and interesting modes out there that you can really find your creative niche and express your own individuality and sense of self by your fashion, accessories, decor of your home, activities you participate in, etc.

So, from now until the holidays I am going to present you with artisans and finds that I come across in my attempt to give the great Handmade Christmas!

My first stop on this journey is to tell you about Tracy Cornell, or Braggin Rights! She has a fantastic blog where she meets and explores handmade artisans and crafters! she gets deep into their craft and shows you many examples that you surely do not want to miss! This is a great starting point for finding the perfect gifts! Check her out at:

Make sure you look for her interview with me, Mommy Tyme, on January 5th! You can also check Tracy out by going to my website at and I have listed her links and banner for Braggin Rights on the front page!

check out her web site at and find fantastic handmade gifts, items for your home, and fashion! I actually stole a quote she wrote about herself because I think it really expresses her work

"I love altering art in any way that mind "sees" it. I like to do embroidery, with floss or thread, ribbon, or crewel; draw with charcoal , pastels, & paint with watercolors. I sew, do quilting, crochet, make quilted & embellished photo albums, & custom wedding albums. I've recently begun a line of recycled creations as well."

So, take a gander at Braggin Rights and keep coming back here to share your great finds in our pursuit for the Perfect Handmade Christmas! If you have a shop, are an artisan, etc. Please feel free to leave a comment with your link and your information! This will help us all find more of the artisan marketplace out there! Who knew there was so much to choose from?

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Crystal from KIZZ said...

Yes! Tracey always has interesting things to talk about. Helpful! luv her blog.
Crystal we are also web sisters...8)

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