Thursday, November 12, 2009

The perfect Handmade Holiday isn't just the gifts... Carry the theme over to the entire event!

Well, besides my pursuit of the perfect Handmade Holiday, there is also the meal planning and festivities to think about (it's not all gifts, you know...)! One problem, or consideration, when YOU are the host, is what to serve? These days it is hard to just do a traditional turkey or ham because there are so many diet variations that people adhere to. In my family, I have one set of vegetarians, and another set who only eat organic (including meat)! Now, I don't have cows or pigs to slaughter, so that is a little difficult for me to do. I have, however, located some pretty fun recipes on the web. I am going to share these with you over the next few weeks- if you try ANY of them, please share with us! As a mom who works full time out of the house, and trying to run my own in house business, plus taking classes- I really don't get to cook to much! In fact, weekends I cook everything up for the entire week- freeze some of it- and we live off of that Monday thru Friday!

So, if you do use the recipes I list here, they are GREAT!, let us know! If they land everyone in the ER with stomach pain, let us know!

So, here we go...

For the vegetarians I found this great little site that has tons of vegetarian recipes. You can actually plug in ingredients you want to use, and it will pull up recipes that use those for you! Very cool....

now, remember to think of yourself during the holidays! Don't let the entire event become overwhelming and you run yourself into the ground, either! There are lots of things you can do to beat the stress! I found a great site with a few tips that can really help! check this out!

Hey, if you have ideas or thoughts on beating stress, share them here with us, too! We could all use a little down time for ourselves! Remember, you can always stop by Mommy Tyme and grab yourself a handmade soap or foaming bubble bath, and retreat to your tub for an hour with a good book! Check out the new serenity bar with essential oils known to calm and relax! On sale now at

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