Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Recipe Book!

Free Heart Healthy Recipe Cookbook... Grab it below- takes about 5 minutes but worth the time!

I also want to take a moment to talk about simplifying your cleaning routine! Yes, we all have that nasty duty and when time is of the essence we want to make it quick and painless (like ripping off a bandaid?). So, I wanted to add just a few products that I have tried and really are worth the extra bucks (if time is critical)!

1. Clorox Wipes- these disinfecting wipes are a whiz at cleaning and easy access if you put a container in every room. I keep one in the bathroom and in the kitchen. I prefer the purple disinfecting wipes for the scent. Regardless, I can wipe and know my area is germ free. They last, are durable and can clean several counters before breaking down (unlike a paper towel)

2. ANY of the Shark vacuums. These are different than traditional vac's. They rotate and pull up debris from your carpet, they can manuever into any area, they are super lightweight and rechargeable (so no cord interfering with you when you are on a cleaning roll...) Now, these can NEVER replace your traditional deep cleaning vacuums, but you can use this one daily and save lugging out the monster hoover for the weekends. The charge lasts a long time, they do a great job, and really do fit anywhere.

Have a cleaning tip? Share it here....

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