Sunday, June 5, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow Challenge with Inspiration Avenue.... Floral cuff entry

So, after a long pause in my "web participation", I have jumped back in- and one of the first things I did was visit Inspiration Avenue to see what I had missed.... Wow!  A lot of beautiful work has been posted in the challenges lately- and I was saddened to see I had missed the Angel Faces Auction!  Last year I had so much fun with the auction and bought a gorgeous pendant from one of the participants!  But, I am determined to keep up with my "web-ly obligations" and get back into the swing of things.  Unfortunately, life happens and we sometimes get called off the path of our journey- the key is to hike that hill and find your way, again.  This week the challenge at Inspiration Avenue is Over the Rainbow, and considering the massive downpours we have had in Illinois- I thought this one was fitting for me!  I did not have a lot of items on hand to create a multi colored project, (hmmm... maybe I should break out of my box and explore this a little more, though)- so, I decided to go with a cuff that I recently made.  It has a mix of colors and blends of fibers, but also has the greenery that comes after the rain with the rainbow and a blend of floral colors and embellishments.  When I was creating this one, my idea was focused on Spring- a chance of renewal, opportunity, growth, and metamorphosis... Each spring, our environment changes drastically, offering us a peek at what is to come over the next few months. There is also a chance for something new, something different to emerge from the ground- seeds from last fall have spread, the birds and wind have blown new startlings into your plot- and their is an excitement in waiting for what is to come.  It is also an opportunity to grow and emerge differently, in a new place, in a new way, in a new perspective- the flowers you planted last year will look incredibly different this year as the growth around them leads to a new background for them, the hardiness that comes from the nutrients stored from the winter months, and the appearance that has evolved as the plant has matured over the year- similar to what we all go through in our lives.  We change and grow as we learn more, experience more, enjoy more, and sadly, suffer more.  But, all of these instances create an ongoing process of metamorphosis within us.  I am sure most artists can find an emergence within themselves over the past year as they acquired new skills and techniques, broadened their view of the world around them, found more symbols and icons that represent their perceptions, and gained a new appreciation for what they deem as art.  I know this has occurred with me- I have learned so much over the past year and am so grateful to those who share their knowledge with others.... and with that, well winded post, I will now show the cuff that I entered and hope that it has enough color blends to qualify....

If you have not participated in an IA challenge, take a minute to check the blog out- each week a new challenge is posted.  Even if you don't enter, it is well worth a few minutes to see the beautiful works that the entrants create.  I loved the last challenge with the purples and greens- my favorite color blend- and the challenges are so thought provoking and really give you the "prompt" you need when block has set in.... Check it out here:

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Sandy said...

It's very colorful. Cuff? You mean it will be added to like a sweater, or it's more of bracelet?

I like your statement about renewal, so very true. Though the last couple of days I've been weeding up a storm from all that grew as a result of the rains. Seems that gets harder every year.

Thanks for your visit, glad you found Bridge and Beyond. Your comment should up on a sorta non blog post, about being a do follow blog.

Happy to hear you'll be joining us with making cotton cloths. You can email me when you need the mailing address at

Look forward to seeing you again, and often. Feel free to visit the other blogs too. I love visitors.


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