Friday, March 5, 2010

Purses on Parade! Last chance to post!

I am so excited to present purses on parade next week! A few weeks ago I asked that any of my handmade friends who make purses, purse accessories, bags, etc. post their link and share... Well, I had a few responses but not nearly as many as I had hoped for! But, I am still desperate to find the perfect purse or new handbag for myself for spring- and I know many others out there are itching to bust out their spring wardrobe, short of the perfect accessory! The entrants and readers who Have posted their links have some really hot new bags, perfect accessories and I cant wait to show them off! I just thought it might be a little more fun to make it a "collection" of bags that I present! so, last call.... If you are a handmade artisan with the skills in making or creating bags, accessories, or purse related items- take a moment and post your link! The deadline will be 3/7/10 with the "Purses on Parade" up and running 3/8/10!

Come show off your skills! This will give people a chance to browse and shop for just what they are looking for!

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