Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New! New! New!

Ok, well I have a few different things I want to talk about this week...

First:  If you have not entered the Facebook Fan Page Challenge, there is a very short time left!  It is so easy, and it only benefits you... Just go to the fan page, become a fan!  Then in the share box, add your photo and shop URL!  If you want to add details about your entry, go right ahead... The fan page is for everyone to share and add their items to!  It is open for crafters, artists, handmade of all mediums!  Your hands had to help create the end result is the only catch!  I would love to see you there!

Second, Squidoo... What is Squidoo you ask?  Wow!  I found this a year back, but never messed with it!  However, I really see the potential now!  It is a fantastic tool to use for all your shops, URL's, blogs, etc!  It is a seperate web location where you can add all of your many venues and it will refer your readers!  See the idea?  You can publish parts of your blog, post your shop, post your items, etc.... Similar to a Ning but without all the groups (but there are lens organizations you can join!)  I am not sure which came first, the Squid or the Ning... but they are both fantastic means by which to promote and share your craft with others.  Squidoo is more individualized, but it really has the forethought to expand and open opportunities for you!  Your etsy can feed directly to your squidoo, your blog feed can be added, you can even add the Squid this to your toolbar and as you float around on the web finding great spots, you can click the tab and share with your readers!  So, if you do not have a squidoo- I suggest you get one!  Then add the URL here!  I will add it to my link list and tweet it for you!  Get you some readers!  We will talk more about all the cool things you can do there in the upcoming weeks (I am still learning!)

Ok, so when you are ready to  sign up for Squidoo (and it is totally free!) go here: 

Then comment with your link so I can get busy!

Next... Some people had commented a while back when I first threw out the idea of the Mini Market here on the blog... Ok, the idea is simply that you can put your etsy, winkelf, or artfire mini here on my blog!  I will keep it up for about a month, and do a feature on you to share all the fantastic items in your shop!  That is all there is to it!  Is it free?  Well, heck yes!  It is all about helping one another out!  I would hope that in return, you could post the link to the blog on your blog, site, etc to help promote me!  That is it!  You do have to send me your code to you mini, though. 

Features.... Oh, I think they are a fantastic idea!  I love to pursue the handmade!  Most of you know I believe strongly in supporting the arts and helping one another!  So, my pursuit series has been lacking some the past few weeks... I am ready to get busy!  Coming this weekend is a fantastic artisan!  I cant give it away, but hope you stay tuned and come back to check her out!  If you would like me to pursue your shop or URL, just comment and leave me the info!  I will let you know when you are about to be posted!

Finally... I wanted to share a few new items I have been working on.. Open for ideas for improvement, what you think, comments...

I have been working on a new jewelry line I call Junk to jewels!  Here is one of the new pieces for this collection- it is a 37" black thread lariat with beads, and rings.  One of the rings is actually a stitch marker (You know how you only need one, but you have to buy a pack of 6?)  the silver ring is the end off of a piece of chain that I used for something else, and the beads are stragglers...


I have this one for sale at my Etsy http://www.MommyTyme.etsy.com

Oh... I almost forgot!  dont forget to check out the latest Share the Love!  It is Tuesday, so I have a new Artist to expose!

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luthien said...

what an interesting post with so much to learn :) i have heard of squido and since you highly recommend it, i shall check it out :) your mini market idea is pretty cool!! and that new adornment of yours ... gorgeous!!

Cathy said...

I checked out Squido and built my first lens. Here's the link so you can check it out.


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