Saturday, January 9, 2010

Continuing our Pursuit...

Well the holidays are over!  Time to clean up, get everything back in order and move towards next year.  Its never too early to prepare for the next Christmas, is it?  Well, regardless, I am still eager to pursue the great artisans out there!  Over the holidays I was really exposed to some fantastic works by some great individuals.  I hope that we can continue to share these finds here at Mommys Reviews....

You may have noticed that there is a new addition to the blog!  share the love through On Fire for Handmade!  This will be a weekly feature with collage and store listings for the artisan!  These are all fantastically talented artisans that participate in the Ning network, On Fire for Handmade.  I really hope you take a few minutes and check them out!  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!  Who knew there was so much talent hidden at home, in the carpool, at your kids PTA meeting?  Well, there is!  So, lets find them and bring them out of the woodwork.

I am currently scouting some treasures to present for Valentines Day- Sweets for your Sweety!  Anything that would make a great gift for someone special.  Personally, I do not care if people feel Valentines Day is a money making gimmick for Hallmark!  I love it and want to be spoiled on February 14!  I think most overworked moms do!  So, lets find some great items that we would love to receive!  then you can conspicuously email the link to your hubby!

If you have a great item for The day for Lovers, post a comment here!  I would love to share it with everyone.
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