Thursday, December 31, 2009

Share The Love...

As part of our ongoing effort to Pursue the Handmade, I have just signed up to be a part of this fantastic new marketing idea- Share the Love- through On Fire for Handmade! This wonderful project features an artisan each week, and in a joint effort, all members of Share the Love will take some time to explore and discuss this Creative Genius's fantastic works! How brilliant is this? I am so excited about this new venture! So, stay tuned...each week not only will we review the artisans in the ongoing exploration of handmade that I find on the web- but we will also have an extra post with our Share the Love Artisan, too! Isn't this great?

Visit On Fire for Handmade

Remember, if you have a shop, or just love to create, and would like to share your passion with us... Just comment with a contact, URL, email, etc! and I will get back to you ASAP!

If you would like to share a pattern, How To, etc. please let me know! I am anxiously trying to find some additions to a new series that will start in mid January called "I could do that..."! So, stay tuned for that, also!

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