Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ok Vendors, Handmade Artisans extrordinairre.... List your shops

Well, as part of my Pursuit of the Perfect Handmade Holiday I am going to start posting finds on the web that you may not run across on your own... As I have said before, I truly believe in supporting the arts and craftsmanship of individual entrepenuers! so, in that spirit I am asking that you list your shop, URL, etc! Unlike some other blogs, I am not creating a directory (although feel free to use it that way), I am simply looking for some shops to browse, investigate, promote and talk about here on my blog! All you have to do is list your URL! I am going to approach your shop as any other shopper and then talk about the great deals, fun stuff and items I can't wait to find! I have not even begun my Xmas shopping, so sell me!

Do you have a Fuzz B shop? Zibbet? MIM? Where do you sell? List them here! Starting December 1st I am going to begin my reviews from my browsing!

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Anonymous said...

Is mine...


Susan said...

Handmade bath and body products including soaps, body lotions and creams, lip balm, lip gloss, solid perfume, wrapped gift sets, as well as custom designed gift tags for the holidays or any occasion

Small Footprints said...

This sounds like fun! Our Etsy shop is Appealing To You at: (we're in the process of adding some items so hopefully, by December 1st, there will be more for you to look at.

And we also sell my husband's art at his blog, One A Day at:

Thanks ... and look forward to your reviews!

Small Footprints

marilyn said... is Marilyn Davenport's website

Anonymous said...

I believe in buying handmade items for gifts (and myself) too! I create OOAK beaded jewelry as a hobby and have added a lot of new items to my shop on etsy. Come by for a visit. Enjoy and be beautiful!! :) Donna

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