Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Great Opportunities, Mom!

Cool Storage ideas for the crafter! Check these ingenious ideas out!
iCube Modular Craft Storage

Crafters! Scrapbookers! Teachers! Check out these deals on fantastic, fun, STICKERS!
Stickers Galore

Looking for ideas? Look here!

Have someone who is nuts for nuts on your holiday list? Check this out and save 15%! Plus, they will ship your gift anywhere!

Save 15% at Priester's Pecans

You have heard of pet insurance? Well, as a pet owner, I can tell you, costs can get ridiculous. I just spent 900.00 + because my dog was attacked by a ground hog- I found out about the insurcance after the incident, but I intend to keep my dogs for a long time, and so this really is a great plan- See what you think:
Pet Insurance from Pets Best - Premium as low as $19
Check out this crazy thing! I am not kidding- this is fantastic:

Finally, Don't forget about the Mommy Tyme Gifts Sale currently underway:

Buy Handmade
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