Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Easy dinner recipes with potatoes, cheap and yummy! Plus, fast!

Recipes, here come some more....

I love to share recipes I find on the web because I think often we get stuck in a dinnertime rut with our family! We spend so much time trying to cook this big elaborate meal, then it takes 5 minutes for the family to "whoof" it down! You have then lost those hours preparing that you could have spent quality time with them! Now, there are some of us who love to cook- me being one of them, but after 8 hours at the office, then I have a chapter I need to study for my class, plus finish making a piece or two for my shop, I really don't want to spend 2 hours getting a meal together. What works best for me is simple meals during the week, and the big deals on the weekend. Also, taking a few minutes on the weekend to plan out the meals for the week ahead really helps, too. So, whenever I run across a quick tip, I am always anxious to share it-
Nubella provides some great recipes, and they always are updated! That is one reason I return to this site over and over again.

Now is the perfect time for potatoes, they are cheap at the store, they are in season if you grew them yourself, they are warm and filling- and almost everyone will eat a potato in one form or another! So, today I am sharing some potato recipes with you:,com_recipes/Itemid,94/task,detail/rid,5772/s,2/r,potato/

Potatoes and dill- this one is easy- throw it in the pan and forget about it:,com_recipes/Itemid,94/task,detail/rid,3178/s,5/r,potato/

Cheesy grill potatoes- probably not the healthy choice on the plate, but pair it with skinless boneless chicken or salmon, and it all evens out, right?,com_recipes/Itemid,94/task,detail/rid,4642/s,2/r,potato/

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