Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't miss out!

Last day for the Fairy Gram costume give away at
If you want in, hurry!

Last day to vote for the winner of I spy challenge on Artisan Jewelry Designers
Visit to cast your vote!

Don't forget to promote yourself, your business, etc. There are some great freebies and deals at vista print this week! Yes, you can get 250 busines scards for free! No kidding! And, even if you do not have your own business, how about a MOM card- with numbers, address, cell- you can hand this out to your kids friends, the babysitter, play dates, church nursery, etc. Simplify- how many times a day do you hand out your number? Wouldn't this be easier?

Hey, and they have address labels, tshirts (that you can customize), magnets- whatever- How about for Christmas- a cool Tshirt you and the kids design for dad? Anyway, check it out:

Save 25-50% off on custom printed products at VistaPrint. Order today!

Ooops, I almost forgot the freebies this week- How about a 6 pack of hand dipped chocolate fruit totally free!

Free gourmet dog food sample! spoil those pups with something delicous and healthy- only 3 minutes to fill out the information- no long suurvey's - quick and easy!

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That is what I have for you this week! Hope you enjoy!

Hey, don't forget to stop by my shop and see the 99 cent sale on select soaps, bath products, and more (all handmade with skin loving ingredients!) I am doing a sales and clearance special at so come visit and get some great stocking stuffers and gifts for under a buck!

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