Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More great recipes, freebies, giveaways and such...

One of my favorite topics to blog about is the great items, recipes and giveaways I am constantly running across on the web. It can be addictive to search for all those super deals and finds! And I admit, I am addicted! So, I am pleased to share the list I have recently compiled with my readers... Hope you enjoy, and please, comment and share if you try any of the following, log into any of the following sites, purchase any of these products! Remember, if it was not a good experience you can save someone else from the same mistake!

Well, this one is cool! Restaurant recipes- copycats of your favorite out to eat spots! Like, I love the coleslaw at KFC! Who doesn't? Well, now I can make that at home...There are tons of favorites listed here:

Free health related samples and savings! Take five minutes (if even that) to complete a quick questionnaire on your medical issues, interests, needs, and you will receive several offers, coupons, savings, and free samples to choose from. Quick, easy, painless..

Coupons, Coupons, and more coupons. Quick survey, really easy!

Fall is all about apples, pumpkins, and the yummy smells of kitchen spices... Here is a great little low cal, low fat recipe for apple walnut carrot salad! I have not tried it, so if you do, please share with us!,com_recipes/Itemid,94/task,detail/rid,1607/s,2/r,apple/

I also wanted to take a moment and share a new location where you can find my Mommy Tyme bath and gifts products- right at Soopsee! This is a mini version of my Etsy shop with all the same great benefits of my Etsy shop! Check it out, then share here with us what you think! Do you have a Soopsee account? Interested in getting one? Let me know, and I will be glad to provide more information on how to get hooked up with Soopsee!

Check out this Article! Really! Great tips on fashion on the Cheap! Super hot looks that you can create with thrift store finds! I was floored when I read all the ideas, then I thought- "wow! Why did I never think of this before?". Really. It is worth a read!

Have a party coming up Looking for the perfect appetizer, recipe, main course for a dinner party? Whatever the occasion, this site has you covered! You can sign up for a weekly newsletter, too! Take a minute and find a great meal to try tonight! Downsize your search by setting your own limits, low cal? low fat? on a budget? heart healthy? You can find it all here!

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Finally, Please take a moment to scroll down and re-enter the blog contest I have going on right now for a fantastic big and fat butter bath bar! That's right! The details are below, just visit my etsy shop, pick the handmade soap you would want if you win, then comment here! For extra entries, follow me on facebook, twitter, retweet this contest, blog about the contest, subscribe to the blog and more. Leave a comment for each task you do! The more comments, the more entries, the more chances to win! So, get going and get entered! I want some winners!

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