Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Color your hair? did you know that hair dyes can cause health problems? Well, you may want to read this:


Lead Free- Ecological Safe Toys for your kids! Yes, that's right! and they are affordable. There are tons to choose from! Look at this brain teaser! They have great products for the littlest to the biggest hands!



Fan of the TV series, True Blood? Well, grab a free tshirt, see a sale on the dvd box set and more... I personally am not a fan, too scary! But with the holidays coming up, I know there are a lot of people who like to stay in on the night of the ghouls, and just get scared! This may be the deal for you:


Free Cancer Fighting Recipe Book! And a shlew... of other recipes, health tips and more!

Free Majick Jack trial! Try it before you buy it! Save on your outrageous phone bills for free! No investment! Just give it a try then decide:

Free colgate toothpaste! Check out this little survey with big rewards!

Trying to build your business, or earn money with affiliate advertising? Here is a great way to go...
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Contest Corner:

Don't forget to scroll down and enter the great Butter Bar give away here at Mommys Reviews you can use! Just scroll down for entry information!

Don't miss out on a shopping spree at Mommy Tyme Bath and gifts! Find the contest details at http://mommytymeswordsofwisdom.blogspot.com

Here are the latest contests I want to pass on to you...

Win $100 of credit to optimization-world.com

Ever thought your cables and wires are about as organized as a bowl of spaghetti? Now is your chance to have that messy set up pay off!! Optimization-world.com is having a great contest for a chance to win $100 store credit.

Entering is easy!!

* Step 1: Take a photo of your messiest cable/wire set up
* Step 2: Send your photo to contest@optimization-world.com

One grand prize winner will be selected, so let that mess finally pay off, enter today!

Visit the following link for more details: http://www.optimization-world.com/contest.html

Hey, and if you blog about this contest you are entered into a contest to win a free, beautiful jewelry box! Just give me a link of where you blogged this contest, and I will forward you the email of the person hosted the contest so you can let them know you have entered! Here is a link to the jewelry box: http://www.jewelryboxpro.com/details.php?id=52

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