Friday, September 11, 2009

Children and weight loss! Recipes, some free stuff! More...

Some more tips on weight loss I thought you might enjoy! Unfortunately, with all the quick and easy products out there, fast food, and "snack packs" we have chosen convenience over healthy food choices for our kids. This is a national phenomenon, and seems to have snuck up on the American population. I have gathered a few sites, choices, and information for Mom! As a student Mastering in Child and Adolescent Development, I really want to stress how critical it is to not ridicule, put down, or use any type of demeening language when discussing these issues with your kids. Children's self esteem is very fragile and can impact how they remember situations, the feelings they attach to certain scenarios, and overall mental health. Please be patient and supportive with your child if they are over weight, make it a family project- do not single your child out for "diet foods", and if the child has siblings ensure there is not ridicule or torment from them towards the overweight child.

Tips for Weight Loss with kids

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