Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don't forget your Pets!

For your dog or loved pet....

As many of my loyal shoppers know, I recently introduced a pet shampoo that is fantastic! It is rich with essential oils that are fantastic for your pet's coat and shine- even substantially decreases the odor! If you check out my web site you can see some testimonials of the product! I have 16 and 8 ounce bottles! They contain a variety of hand blended ingredients including lavender oil, bergamot, pine oil, eucalyptus for skin rash, infection and care, and much much more... One bottle lasts and lasts. Rich lather that is easy to rinse.

You can see my sale on Mommy's Pet shampoo at:

Recently I found some fantastic deals and bargains at a new outlet called Fetch Dog! I love these products, since I have 2 VERY Large DOGS! See an array of products including toys, food, care, grooming, underground fencing and so much more. I was so impressed with this company, I became an affiliate! Seriously, check out the prices and the value!

See the video in the upper right corner of this page for more information on these products and the many others they have!

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