Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Novel!!!

I received a link today via twitter to a publishers site promoting a novel.. 3 Wisemen.. Below is a link to the information and publicity for this new novel. One creative option they are utilizing with the web site is an introductory portion of the novel is available for you to read in a PDF format. You can see if this is a book you would or would not be interested in without having to waste any money, shipping costs, etc. How many times have you picked up a book with great cover art, a brilliant synopsis, only to find the story was not what you thought? The writing was hard for you to follow? Just not your cup of tea? Well, this publisher has offered you a chance to try before you buy! I wish more authors and publishers offered this opportunity...

Anyway, here is the link!


I would love to hear comments and feedback from anyone who purchases or reads the book. Share your thoughts and reviews!

Not just this book, either! Share your opinion on all your latest reads! I love interaction and comments!!

Do you know of more links like this? share them with us!

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