Monday, July 13, 2009

Kid Friendly Movie - Hotel For Dogs

Looking for a cute movie that your kids can watch? One that your kids can really watch? Check out Hotel for Dogs!

Lately it seems that the parental ratings are becoming less strict. Movies that are sneaking in under the G and PG rating tend to still have a few questionable topics or scenes that I am not always comfortable with my 4 year old seeing. However, this weekend I found a great family movie that we all enjoyed! Check out Hotel for Dogs by Nickelodeon. Kids will love the mishaps of the dogs, and older children receive a touching message about friendship and family. This was an action packed movie, with little down time, so my 4 year old was glued to the movie. I think most kids will get a kick out of the shenaninghans, and parents don't have to worry about any inappropriate scenes, language, or underlying topics! Enjoy. Pick it up at a Redbox in front of Walmart or Cub stores for only 1.00!

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