Friday, July 17, 2009

Just for Mommy!

Todays review is just for Mommy!
If you have recently reviewed Mommy's Tyme, my monthly updated web site for Mommy's and busy women- then you know the topic on the Mommy's page is how to keep the romance once kids come into the picture!
This is hard! I have listed some tips to get you a few moment of Mommy/Daddy time on the site, but when it has been a while, unfortunately that time either goes really quick, or you don't quite remember how to get it started. It's not like riding a bike- sadly!

So, in my great effort to spruce up those magical moments I have ran across a product Mommy like to try!

There is a new product out by Lifestyles (yes, the condom people)- but this is for mommy- only! It is a liquid/gel that is easily applied (two seconds, I swear!)- but can change the entire moment for you! I am embaressed writing this, but as a busy mom I know quantity is not as important as quality for Mommy/Daddy time, and too many marriages begin to break down due to the loss of intimacy. This is a great - 9.00 purchase- you can invest in your relationship to ensure that the quality remains. We all deserve to focus on us once in a while. And, I guarantee you, once your spouse realizes that you are enjoying the time with him, he will enjoy it that much better, too!

So, check it out at walgreens, osco, or any of your local drugstores. It is in the ocndom aisle, and it is just a tiny bottle you can hide in a drawer at home. Excite by Lifestyle!

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