Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Summer Reads! Review of some Hot Novels to Explore during your personal Mommy Tyme!

Who doesn't love to grab a great book and sit out in the sunshine? Get lost in someone else's imagination for a few hours.... IT is an affordable vacation, and research indicates that it is relaxing and a fantastic resource for people who suffer from stress and anxiety! I am currently looking for an online Book Swap where people can pass books from one to another via USPS! However, I have been unable to locate one with books that I think I would enjoy! So, if you can't find one... You should start one? I have created a page on my web site : Mommy's Tyme at dedicated to finding members and participants for a national book swap! We will each read our book, comment/review it, and pass it on... We can list our books that we wish to use in participation and others can pick from the list. If you borrow a book, you have to be willing to submit a book (that is the only collateral we will have! I can't really issue Mommy Tyme library cards!) So, if you want to participate- check it out at

Today I wanted to share a couple of great books I have read this summer....
(Remember, you should never feel guilty for taking a few hours to yourself to read and enjoy a great book! As I said, it is great for stress disorders, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, etc.....)

GoodBye Earl by Jo-Ann Mapson
A Bad Girl Creek Novel

This is a well written, easy flowing read. I absolutely fell in love with the characters, the story line, and the trauma's these women were going through. Each character has at least one characteristic everyone can relate to. This is so well written, the characters seem like old friends you have known forever! Struggles of 4 women through an era in their life, dealing with broken hearts, children, loss of children, financial breakdown, disabilities, and hope... This one will make you laugh so hard at times, others will think you have cracked up! Then you will cry and ache for the characters in the next chapter. Fantastic A+ Novel that I recommend to any woman! You may not find all the characters to have a personal link to you, but there will be at least one you can't let go of! If you have not read any of the books by Joa-Ann Mapson, go out and grab one! Or check my site, as this one will be listed for the book swap!

Creepers by David Morrell

This is a thriller, mystery... Keeps you on the edge of your seat with lots of twists and turns! Once you start it, you will find it hard to put down. It is hard to believe the entire novel takes place in just a 24 hour period! It is crazy! If you have ever been curious about "urban dwellers" (the people who break in and explore old abandoned buildings, sewers, tunnels, etc) then this book is a must read! You will get to experience this new past time for many explorers and thrill seekers, first hand! What happens is unexpected and frightening, though! Relentless suspense! Well worth the cost of the book! Or, again, check out my web site and become a member of the book swap! Here is a great chance to experience novels for the price of postage! Check it out at

Have you read a great book lately? Take some time to share it here! Give me your insight and recommendations for great summer reads for Mommy!

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