Friday, January 22, 2010

Facebbok Fan Page First Ever Contest- Sweetest Sweet for Your Sweety!

If you have not had a chance to check it out, I am so excited about the new contest we are running on the Mommy Tyme Facebook Fan Page!  if you have not seen my ads for this, then really, you should stop by and add your item!  It's one entry per person, you MUST be a fan of the page, but really... That is the only catch!  Just post your picture of your item, a link to your shop, and your email or contact for me!  Thats it!  Oh, deadline for posting is 2/1!  I will put all the photos and shops together in a scrapbook style page, post it on facebook, the fan page, my blogs, and my website!  I will also give you all the code, if you want to post it!  We will all vote (and guests can vote,too!  so get your family and friends involved!) for the Sweetest Sweet for your Sweety!  The winner receives a cute little mini bath box I created with handmade mini bath bars, lip balms, and solid all natural fragrance!  Hope you enjoy, and just in time for Valentines Day... So check out the facebook posting at the top of this page, click on Fan, and come in to join the fun!
For those who do not create or sell handmade items... That is ok!  Jump on in and see the fantastic items people are listing!  Wow, there is some gorgeous jewelry, great scarves, and so much more... You can help us find the sweetest gift by voting!
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