Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who said Wire and Oil Doesn't mix?

So, you are down to those hard to buy for, last minute gifts, right? Not only that, you might want to give yourself a treat after all the holiday stress you have endured... Well, check out these two superb artisans I found on Etsy...

Small Footprints- an eco-conscious artisan jewelry designer and Art 1st- a talented artisan in oils and more...

I am literally awestruck when I see their work- It is really a treat for a crafter like myself to come across someone's work and instead of saying to myself, "I think I can make that", I say, "Wow! I gotta have that!". I say this because there is no way I can begin to touch on the artistic expression they have compiled in their shop on etsy and at their blog! Truly, take a moment, grab a cup of coffee, and just browse. Really look at the pieces they have for sale.

Let me share a few of my favorites- and how they make a living, I have no idea, because their work is affordable to the average Joe like me!

This one is called Memories of the Bay and you can find it at their Etsy shop, Appealingtou

Isn't this gorgeous?

Now, this one is my actual favorite, and I have kept an eye on it for sometime.  I love the blend of colors, I love the energy and intensity in the strokes- This one is called Rage and again, you can find it on the Etsy shop!

I adore these earrings created by Small Footprints!  Mexican Smiles.  Wouldn't these go great with a classy evening look, or standing on the beach in a simple vacation wrap?  These are just amazing, and so creative!  Keep in mind that Small Footprints strives to use recycled materials, eco-friendly metals and pieces, so you can truly feel good about these items when you adorn them!  This, too, can be found on the etsy shop!

These are definitely my cup of tea!  I think these are so creative and unique!  How fantastic with the color blends?  The dangles?  Where else are you going to find such a fun accessory at such a great price!  Check out the etsy shop at: 

But, readers, we are not finished yet... There are still the blogs to discuss....

Visit the Reduce Footprints Blog throughout the entire year..There are some fantastic articles for the socially aware individual that hides inside you!  Great tips on how to be "green" without giving up everything, wonderful vegan recipes, and so much more!  Really!  In fact, there is a great list compiled right now of Winter Shopping Sites of Handmade and Artisan vendors.  I can not imagine the amount of work that must have went into this... I have struggled to keep up with my holiday series, but somehow, Small Footprints has generated an enormous list of great artisans who have some significant Holiday Sale items!  So, check it out, then subscribe and keep up to date with the ways you can help to preserve and nurture this planet we all share! is another great blog hosted by my Featured Artisans today!  Here is where Art displays his work for review, comments, and more... Wow!  There are even more great pieces here!  You will find items not listed in the Etsy shop like, December Eve (below)- How incredible?  I have the perfect place for this, and I could just get lost in the imagery.  How can such a skilled and talented artist not be splattered all over the place?  His work is worth an investment; In a few years you are likely not going to be able to touch work by Art as he will be discovered and lining our most prestigious institutions.  A gifted artist does not remain hidden for long.... I truly encourage you to visit the blog.  If you cant afford a piece right now, at least reward yourself with the opportunity to explore his work.

I would love to hear your comments... did you check out the blogs?  did you visit the etsy shop?  What do you think?  Are you as impressed as I?

Well, I have several more artisans I want to explore, so I am not shutting down the Pursuit of the Perfect Handmade just yet.  I think we will extend and continue to review some of the unique and extraordinary artisans, crafters, and vendors out there.  I thought it might be nice to locate some suppliers and marketers/advertisers also, who may have ideas, tips, etc. to help promote our finds along their journey!  So, if you know a person who is amazing with their hands, send them here and ask that they comment with their shop, blog, link, etc and leave a brief description of what they do... And if you are the artisan, same thing, just leave a comment with your link, blog, etc so I can check you out!  I will let you know when I am going to post a review of your shop/items!\
Subscribe to the blog so you can keep an eye on what is coming out, the latest trends, and the hidden, undiscovered artisans out there....Soon to be the creme de la crop of the Handmade Marketplaces....

PS- Take a moment and visit the new web site at 

Also, scroll down/up and find the butter bar giveaway!  I am giving away another extra large handmade bath bar to the winning entrant!  This was going to end on the 20th, but since the site crashed I am extending it for a few more days!  Good luck!  To enter read the rules in the Butter Bar Giveaway Post!
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Small Footprints said...

Wow ... what a fabulous post! Thank you, so much, for featuring us ... what a thrill to read your review! We are truly honored (and we're both grinning & giggling).

It was so kind of you ... and we both appreciate it!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday and the best in 2010!

Small Footprints & Art Ist

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