Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today's great find in our Pursuit of Handmade is Tracy Cornell from Braggin Rights! To get a better idea what Tracy is all about I just cut a little info from her bio and I hope she does not mind...

"I love altering art in any way that mind "sees" it. I like to do embroidery, with floss or thread, ribbon, or crewel; draw with charcoal , pastels, & paint with watercolors. I sew, do quilting, crochet, make quilted & embellished photo albums, & custom wedding albums. I've recently begun a line of recycled creations as well."

That really does not tell you ALL she has to offer! Wow! She has a gorgeous Retro apron that would make a great gift for anyone on your list! She has a "green theme" with eco scrubbies, bag savers, and a ton of other fantastic items! Again, these are all handcrafted, handmade, high quality products that you CAN NOT find at Walmart! Oh, don't forget the so cute jewelry items listed!  Look for the blue flower earrings (definitely my favorite!)

Let me give you a peek....



Braggin Rights can be located at the following places:

Please take a moment to browse her shops, and then come back here and talk about what you liked!  this is a great way to give Tracy some feedback and share with other readers the great items that can be found with Braggin Rights!

Remember, stay tuned in our Pursuit of the Perfect Handmade Holidays- Next week is a 2 for 1!  You will be introduced to Small Footprints and Art 1st!  I cant tell you too much or it will ruin the surprise, but be prepared for some fantastic artwork!...

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Braggin' Rights said...

Thank you Valerie, I had no idea that you were writing this! :-) I appreciate the nice compliments!

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